Next Generation launches new grants for businesses and trade associations

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15 de December de 2022
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Next Generation lanza nuevas subvenciones para comercios y asociaciones de comerciantes

The digitalization drive continues thanks to new aid from European Union Next Generation funds for shops and trade associations. 

Last November 29, the regulatory bases for these grants were published, whose objective is to boost competitiveness and modernization through the digital and sustainable transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The following may be beneficiaries:

  • Self-employed professionals registered in the special regime for self-employed or self-employed workers owning a retail trade establishment.
  • Small and medium-sized companies owning a retail business establishment, registered in the census of the tax on economic activities.
  • The territorial entities, guilds and non-profit sectorial entities of commerce and the associations of sedentary and non-sedentary municipal markets.

In the field of trade companies, the beneficiary must have at least one street-level establishment in Catalonia.

According to the CCAM, manufacturers and wholesalers who do not sell at retail will be excluded.

In the field of entities and trade associations, the subsidy will be aimed at improving the attention, relationship and knowledge of consumers and their loyalty. Also, in the investment in digital channels of the associations and advertising. In addition, the acquisition of technological furniture and technological tools for the physical establishment will be subsidized.

The aid granted is a maximum amount and will consist of a single contribution per beneficiary of up to 80% of the eligible expenses, with a maximum of 75,000 euros and a minimum investment of 2,000 euros.

From Moneder, as a digital solutions’ provider company, we are at the disposal of the associations of traders and retail businesses, to provide these services. 

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