Each business can have a physical store management program (Point Of Sale: POS), with products and stock linked to the Ecommerce and the Marketplace

Do not have any doubt, there is no safer bet

  • Management of products and stocks, linked in real time with the products and stock of the business's Ecommerce and the municipal Marketplace.
  • Customer management and discounts.
  • Generation of cash receipts.
  • Works with an Internet connection (online), although it can also work without it (offline) and synchronize when the Internet connection returns.
  • 5000 products per store.
  • Possibility of linking with Moneder's face-to-face sales Ecosystem solutions, to pay with Bonuses and get Bonuses for purchases.
  • The POS solution, although it is an ideal solution to manage physical store face-to-face sales, is included under the ecosystem of online sales solutions, because it shares the same platform and because it’s aimed at making it easier for all Marketplace or Ecommerce products to be always updated, sharing the stock of the physical store.

A solution that simplifies everything. That changes everything. For the better, of course.

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