Management bodies and businesses can communicate with their customers through newsletters, SMS and push notifications.

COMMUNICATION in capital letters and in all its glory

  • CRM: Managers and businesses can manage all the information of their customers.
  • Option to create profiles and target customers.
  • The platform allows you to send emails, SMS or notifications to a customer segment.
  • Communication system between management bodies and businesses through notifications on the intranet.
  • Automatic messages when you reach a particular balance, when you make a purchase or when you download a discount voucher.
  • Periodic message informing of the available balance (by email and optional SMS).
  • Password regeneration (via email and optional SMS), among other options.
  • Send customizable SMS.
  • Send customizable push notifications.
  • Emails are sent through an external service that increases delivery guarantees and non-classification as spam.
  • The solution includes 500 SMS and 10,000 emails per year.

Instagramer, youtuber… forget it.

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