Who we are

Moneder collaborates with local organizations and authorities for the sustainability of the businesses that energize our municipalities, providing innovative digital solutions to deal with online commerce and major brands

The global trend in recent years in this segment, defined by a notable increase in online commerce and the proliferation of large shopping centres, which essentially only benefit large brands and multinationals, is making life very difficult in local shops.

The commitment and effort that the City Council, merchant associations or other entities make to help make the sector prosper, can be considerably multiplied if the appropriate tolls and resources are available, in this case, connected at civil or regional level offer ensures of success.

In this impasse, it’s where Moneder is crucial.

A youthful startup founded at 2018 with a great growth potential, with collaborates with entities and local governments for the sustainability of businesses that dynamize regions by providing innovative digital solutions from big companies to the small one, to compete on equal terms with online commerce and large commercial brands.

Why Moneder?

  • For the commercial families that this is their livelihood.
  • For the fellow citizens of these families (consumers) who need to shop near their homes, they requiere personalized treatment or do not have the technological knowledge to buy online.
  • For the municipalities, in order to maintain their social cohesion, urban structure, and identity, whose businesses are their highest standard-bearers.
  • For the economic and social wealth, the commerce generates and spreads throughout the municipality.

Problem that Moneder want to solve:

  • To the local commerce difficulties and to allude to its customers, the citizens in general and the City Councils that protect them to live together and adapt to the effects, in terms of business, coming about from globalization.
  • To the silent and progressive depopulation that comes with the fact that local business networks disappear, taking into account the social, financial and cohesive impact they treasure when this network is different, strong, and competitive.
  • To the lack of availability of resources and large enterprise solutions for small businesses.

Challange, what does Moneder want to achieve:

  • That the digital world, and consequently the Moneder platform, is seen as a bridge and not as a wall, which is seen as an integrating element of physical sales and online sales.
  • That city councils have a flexible, modern and easy platform, which allows them to inject municipal aid in multiple ways when they need it and how they need it and that help citizens, strengthen local commerce by creating a virtuous circle for and dor the territory.
  • That local commerce has customizable and sustainable digital means to deal with these difficulties.
  • That local commerce is a permanent claim for ALL citixens and not an occasional resource. Inclusive, regardless of your age.
  • Encourage local commerce together with other entities in the municipality (cultural, sports, social…) to collaborate, indeed irregularly, in campaigns that point to advance the “region”.
  • Convince our own and strangers, of the advantages than buying local products, is a choice with more advantages than disadvantages.

Solution, that Moneder propose:

  • Integrative digital solutions designed to become a link between generations and not a source of estrangement.
  • Digital solutions capable to generate bonds with other establishments, municipalities and countries around the world, without the need to renounce loocal identity.
  • Digital solutions that promote and reward the loyalty, to create emotional and not only economic ties with the commercial fabrics of each municipality.

Obviously, in the market there are other companies with similar proposals for local commerce, however, Moneder has been able to make it worth it, perhaps better than any other, its proposals at the municipal level with customer loyalty solutions, payment of aid to citizens that can only be spent on local businesses, and municipal Marketplaces linked to an Ecommerce store, among others, encouraging the participation of all parties involved.

It is essentially aimed at 3 well-differentiated customer segments:

  • Entities and local governments (Commercial associations and city councils) that have the same objectives and that they are willing to establish alliances and implement their solutions at the municipal scale.
  • Enterprising local businesses (independent establishments), which individually, have the need to invest in innovative solutions that help them thrive.
  • Final consumers who in search of their own benefit (for example, incentivized by bonuses or discounts) indirectly, end up benefiting local commerce.

ODS we contribute to:

Moneder, Solutions for the sustainability of the businesses that energize our municipalities

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