Each business can sell its products from a website and from a shared App with other local businesses.

An endless "showcase"

  • Image and brand: Virtually, each municipality has its own Marketplace, with its own image and web domain, promoting only products and services of its businesses.
  • Management: Each municipality is responsible for the management and promotion of its own Marketplace, but we can also take responsibility, with professionals acting on behalf of the municipality.
  • Data: The client and purchase data is owned by the management body, so it can perform statistical studies and manage both online and offline marketing campaigns.
  • Payment: Each municipality chooses the payment methods that its customers can use: POS (bank card), Paypal, transfer or payment on site. In addition, you can use:
    • Moneder POS: Moneder can take care of entering the sales in the shops, less a small fee.
    • Municipal POS: The managing body is responsible for entering sales in shops.
    • Business POS: Each business can have its own banking POS to deposit its sales directly.
  • Shipping: Each municipality can set up different shipping methods: Mail (directly linked to the API of the postal company), shipping company or in-store collection. The managing body can:
    • Manage shipments throughout the municipality.
    • Allow certain businesses to manage their own shipments.
    • Delegate responsibility to Moneder: we process shipments with our "Correos" account at a very affordable price.
  • Loyalty: We can link each municipal Marketplace with our powerful Moneder loyalty platform, rewarding customers with virtual euros, and win discounts for future purchases.
  • In addition, Moneder promotes a global Marketplace that serves as a showcase for every product of each municipal Marketplace and online store.
  • Includes 5000 products per business, custom design, parameterization, etc.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

There are so many possibilities that this solution offers, that make our heads spin just thinking about it…

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