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We present you the CORAL mattress, a rest system with pocket springs and memory foam padding. CORAL provides you with maximum comfort, stability and breathability

If you want to have the feeling of sleeping on a cloud every night, let yourself be pampered by the pocket springs that adapt perfectly to your body, reducing pressure points with their silk touch padding offered by the CORAL mattress from Sonpura.

The Sonpura pocket spring block, MULTISAC ADVANCED, is made up of 700 springs, measuring 150x190

It has STRETCH fabric, a very elastic high quality fabric that provides comfort and adaptability.

The CORAL mattress is ideal if you like mattresses with high hardness (9 points out of 10).

It is ideal for all types of weights , even for high volume people, with more than 100kg.

With six handles, to facilitate its turning. Two of them in the footboard.

Mattress height 31cm (+ -1).


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